S134DL S134DLUDU2AVE2 DUMP File EasyJtag FEATURED [ 2022-11-29 18:40:56 ]
A528X A528E A528B ISP UFS Pinout [ 2022-11-16 20:27:51 ]
A536X A536E A536B ISP UFS Pinout [ 2022-11-16 20:13:29 ]
Gaster RamDisk Boot [ 2022-11-16 19:30:58 ]
A336MUBU1AVC9 EasyJtag UFS Dump Classic Module FEATURED [ 2022-11-15 20:04:39 ]
A336MUBU1AVC9 EasyJtag UFS Dump Plus Module FEATURED [ 2022-11-15 20:03:56 ]
A336B A336E A336X Pinout ISP UFS [ 2022-11-15 19:16:08 ]
G715U G715U1 EMMC UFS Pinout [ 2022-11-12 01:37:07 ]
LG K520HM K52 EMMC Pinout FEATURED [ 2022-10-29 03:54:09 ]

EMMC UFS and ISP backup and files, firmwares. FUU and other

Firmwares Files for All Brands and Models (Archivos para varias Marcas y Modelos)

Files and Solutions to remove Google Account FRP from some Brands and Models (Archivos y Soluciones para quitar Cuenta Google de varias Marcas y Modelos)

MDM KG Demo and other various lock remove files and solutions

Different files offered or needed, not directly related to devices or phones.

EMMC Pinouts for ISP and UFS connections

Contact technician for more help (Contacta al técnico para ayuda con estos archivos)

Files and Solutions needed to Unlock and Repair Devices. (Varios Archivos y Soluciones para Liberar, Desbloquear y Reparar dispositivos)